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Height – 26 cm. Hardness – H4. Visco foam – 3 cm. HR foam – 3 cm double-sided. Latex coconut coir – 1 cm.Weight: 1000 g / m2. Felt. Polyurethane foam – 3 cm. 7-conscious pocket springs 260 pcs / m2. Zipper pouch 30C.

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The Bosfor mattress was created for those who care about the health of their own spine. You can fall asleep more easily with better support for every part of your body. Bosfor mattress, premium innerspring mattress with 3 cm layer of VISCO light thermoelastic foam on one side and 1 cm of coconut coir on the other.

7 – zone springs are packed in separate pockets, so each of them works independently under pressure. The pocket design makes the mattress more comfortable as its flexibility at every point is much better. The mattress is zonal thanks to the use of springs of different hardness, located in zones corresponding to the anatomy of the human body.

Coconut coir is composed of natural coconut fibers obtained from coconut shells, thanks to which the mattress absorbs moisture well, has anti-allergic properties and increases the durability. It is the best choice for those who prefer firm mattresses.

Visco thermoelastic foam is anti-allergenic, breathable and reduces the risk of harmful bacteria and fungi.

Mattress characteristics:

  • 7-zone pocket springs have special hardness zones that ensure a perfect body fit, 260 pcs/m2
  • Thermoelastic Visco foam (memory effect) – 3 cm
  • High resilient foam HR-3 cm on both sides
  • Coconut coir – natural coconut fibers make the mattress harder and more durable – layer thickness: 1 cm on one side. Weight: 1000 g / m2
  • Both sides Felt – prevents damage to the springs and extends service life – 0.5cm
  • Polyurethane foam-3 cm
  • Zippered cover, washable at 30C
  • Mattress height-28 cm
  • Hardness-H4
Materiał wypełniający:

Lateksowana mata kokosowa, Maty filcowe*2, Pianka HR*2, Pianka poliuretanowa, Pianka Visco, Wkład ze sprężyn

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