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Height – 30 cm. Hardness – H4. Thermoelastic Visco foam – 5 cm. HR foam – 3 cm double-sided. Felt – 0.5 cm double-sided. Coconut coir – 1 cm. Latex mat – 2 cm. 7-zone springs 260 pcs/m2. Zipper pouch 30C.

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The innovative Varkadi mattress with an increased level of comfort will provide a sweet stay. This mattress consists of the independent pocket springs, highly elastic foam and Visco thermoelastic foam (memory foam), a coconut mat and latex mat on the other side.

Springss of varying degrees of hardness are located in seven zones to provide adequate support for individual body parts.

Highly resilient foam is a unique polymer with high resilience. This material is very practical and functional, its unusual strength and safety (the material is hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dust, does not grow moldy) guarantees durability and resistance to destruction under dynamic loads. The exceptionally soft surface of the mattress provides comfort and convenience.

Visco Thermoelastic Foam helps maintain the correct level of heat, improves blood flow in the body and optimally adapts the surface to the anatomical needs of the spine, especially in the lumbar region.

Coconut coir is a fiber made from coconut nuts, 100% natural material with unique properties. Coir, bonded with natural latex, gives a volumetric elastic, breathable structure. This material is used in mattresses to enhance rigidity and elasticity. The model “breathes” perfectly, does not absorb moisture, has the required rigidity. Natural ventilation properties, elasticity, strength, resilience, hygiene and anti-allergenic properties, along with a long service life, make this material ideal for filling a mattress.

Felt – consists of 100% natural fibers of cotton, wool, linen and jute. Synthetic fibers are acrylic and polypropylene. It has high wear resistance and practicality. In mattresses, thermal felt performs mainly a mechanical function – it serves as a barrier between the spring block and soft lubricating layers, and also provides the product with additional rigidity and elasticity, and ensures an even distribution of the load throughout the mattress.

Latex foam – formed as a result of the vulcanization of rubber milk. This material is durable, safe and hypoallergenic, with a unique structure of closed air cells that provide excellent properties by preventing moisture from entering the fibers and reducing the risk of fungi, bacteria and mites. The material makes the mattress elastic and orthopedic.

Mattress characteristics:

  • 7-zone pocket springs have special hardness zones that ensure a perfect body fit, 260 pcs/m2
  • thermoelastic Visco foam -5 cm
  • highly resilient foam – 3cm on both sides
  • both sides Felt – prevents damage to the springs and extends service life – 0.5cm
  • coconut Coir – Increases Hardness and Elasticity – 1cm
  • latex foam – makes the mattress flexible and orthopedic 2 cm
  • zippered cover, washable at 30C
  • height – 30 cm
  • hardness – H4
Materiał wypełniający:

Mata kokosowa, Mata lateksowa, Maty filcowe*2, Pianka HR*2, Pianka Visco, Wkład ze sprężyn

Wysokość materaca:

27 cm

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80 cm X 200 cm, 90 cm x 200 cm, 100 cm x 200 cm, 110 cm x 200 cm, 120 cm x 200 cm, 140 cm x 200 cm, 160 cm x 200 cm, 180 cm x 200 cm, 200 cm x 200 cm, 220 cm x 200 cm