How to care for your mattress

  1. The mattress must be adapted to the size of the bed. It is necessary to adjust it to the frame so that it fits perfectly on each side. There should be no visible bulges or irregularities on the surface.
  2. The mattress should not lie on the floor. If left as it is, it will not be able to “breathe” normally, which can lead to moisture accumulation in the bottom. A properly selected frame should consist of transverse lamellas so that there is space between them for air circulation.
  3. Move the mattress periodically. It is recommended to change the position of the mattress at least every 3 months to prevent overloading a small part of it.
  4. Daily circulation of clean air in the sleeping area is very important. Opening the windows is not enough; you need to remove the blankets, sheets and bedspreads and let them air for at least 30 minutes. This reduces the moisture content of the mattress, making it less vulnerable to the spread of dust mites and other microbes.
  5. The best way to get rid of mattress dust and dust mites is to vacuum frequently and thoroughly with a regular household vacuum cleaner. If the mattress has a removable cover, remove it, wash and vacuum the inside of the mattress. Systematic washing of the cover is the key to proper sleep hygiene.
  6. Do not run or jump on the mattress, as this could damage the filling.
  7. Do not eat in bed – crumbs and stains are not easy to remove and attract bacteria and microorganisms.

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