The correct mattresses hardness

You can sleep as you like: on your stomach, in the “fetal position”, on your back or on your side. The main thing is what a person sleeps on. First, you need to exclude high pillows, and secondly, there must be the right mattress. The mattress should be such that the spine does not deform or bend at night.

Mattresses are: soft (H1) semi-soft (H2), semi-hard (H3) and hard (H4). In cases where you do not have any disorders of the spine, then the mattress should first of all be comfortable. We recommend opting for a semi-rigid mattress.

Semi-hard mattresses are suitable for almost everyone, the main thing is that it is comfortable for you. If you feel comfortable on a mattress of a different level of firmness, focus on your feelings: the main thing is that you feel comfortable.

A hard mattress is better for people with severe pain and intercostal hernia. With scoliosis of any stage, you should also choose a harder mattress. But here it should be remembered that in stage 3 and 4 scoliosis, the mattress should reduce pain and serve as a preventive measure that protects against the development of the disease. At stages 1 and 2 of scoliosis, a hard mattress can only serve as a comfortable sleeping place, but, unfortunately, it is wrong to hope for it as a panacea.

The soft mattress is designed for people with low body weight and is also suitable for the elderly. With fragile bones, a soft mattress can provide the most comfortable support for your body and will be comfortable.

zbyt twardy materac
zbyt miękki materac
Prawidłowa sztywność materaca

In most cases, we recommend choosing mattresses with memory foam. Such mattresses are able to more successfully take the shape of the body of a person lying and provide comfort in any position. True, in this case, there are limitations: a mattress with a memory effect should be chosen based on your own sleep: if you sleep peacefully all night and rarely turn over – this mattress suits you If you often change position during the night, spin – from a mattress with an effect memory should be discarded. A firm mattress is more suitable for you, regardless of the fillers.

Buying a mattress with or without springs, in most cases, is a matter of personal preference. If the spring block is of high quality, there should be no restrictions on its use from a medical point of view.

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    Wysokość –10cm+ pokrowiec. Twardość H2. Pianka poli­ure­ta­nowa 10 cm. Pokrowiec na su­wak t 30C.

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    Wysokość 6cm. Twardość H2. Pianka Memo­ry Foam – 3 cm. Pianka HR– 3 cm.Pokrowiec na suwak 30C

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    Wysokość 18 cm. Twardość H3/H4. Pianka poli­ure­ta­nowa-3 cm. Mata ko­ko­sowa – 1 cm. Pianka HR  – 14 cm. Pokrowiec na suwak z możliwością prania w temperaturze 30C…